Wednesday, November 5, 2008

[Audio] Skyzoo - So Close

"So at #23, this is "So Close"-2007, produced by 9th Wonder. This is a record I did just for fun. 9th always tells me that I pick his favorite beats, the beats that he plays for people and they love them but they're scared to rock them (I have another one of those "scared" beats on "The Salvation", coming soon...). This is one of those beats that he said he played for other artists and they loved it but didnt know how to approach it. So when he played it for me, I knew right away what i wanted to do with it. Its alotta line-for-line stuff going on with this one. I just went in with the word play and went for that rewind button appeal. I did this in '07 in a studio session where I had some downtime, and I just went right in on the beat. 9th threw it on his MySpace page at 7am the next morning. Like I said before, I have great relationships with tons of producers, all of whom I feel are some of the best at what they do, but 9th is the Toomp to my TI. We just connect crazy, whether its a full EP or just a few joints (don't worry, he's on "The Salvation" twice...). So here it is, "So Close"-2007, produced by 9th Wonder. Holla. PS: BARACK OBAMA IS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! I've never been more proud than I am now. We as an American people all stood up when needed and did what we had to do. Congrats to the Obama family and everyone who voted to get them in the white house. "My president is black..." - Skyzoo