Friday, November 7, 2008

Artist Spotlight: ASN

Artist Bio:

A.S.N. is making a name for himself very quickly. After years of bad choices that lead him through a series of fights, court cases and jails, the birth of his first child proved to be a rebirth for him as well.

After his release from Middlesex House of Corrections in 2005, A.S.N. put together his first semi-professional effort, 'Evolution’, selling around 1,000 CDs walking the streets of Boston and performing at shows all over MA, RI and NH. The album and its response caught the interest of Hendricks Management Group, who decided to link with Boston's own Soul On a Beat Entertainment and take A.S.N. from home-studio recording into the professional studios, professional production and the marketing of his latest project ‘Made For This’.

Since then, A.S.N. has performed in countless shows and battles all across New England with some of the most relevant names out of Massachusetts and beyond, as well as opening with internationally known artists such as GZA of the Wu-Tang Clan, The Clipse, AZ, Smif N Wessun, Freeway, Killah Priest, Special Teamz and more. He has been featured on mixtapes along side Jay Z, Nas, Lil' Wayne, Kanye West, Fabolous and many, many others. The debut single from ‘Made For This’, aptly titled 'Road To Success' (featuring Hip Hop heavy-weight AZ) shot to #2 on the National College Radio charts and received heavy play on radio stations and in clubs all over the world. His song 'Eyes On the Prize' is set to be featured on Vin Diesel's 'Wheelman' video-game for Play Station 3, X Box 360 and PC.

A.S.N.'s official debut album, ‘Made For This’, contains an immaculate balance between deep and heartfelt tracks and the upbeat certified club bangers. It shows an intelligent and talented artist juggling the responsibilities of being a father of three with the wants and needs of being a twenty-five year old man. Providing fun for listeners while delivering the messages important to him, A.S.N. avoids the dumb-it-down attempt at making his music accessible and, instead, puts his intellect and wit into catchy anthems and varying rhyme schemes over commercially viable tracks. A.S.N. successfully incorporates Rock & Roll, Reggaetone and R&B into his music, utilizing both the sample-based music that Hip Hop is known for as well as live instrumentation.

A.S.N.’s variety rivals that of Timberland’s ‘Shockvalue’ without straying too far from his core Hip Hop audience. ‘Made For This’ also features names both underground and mainstream rap fans can appreciate, such as DJ Khaled, AZ, Smif N Wessun, Vakero and Lee Wilson, as well as some of Boston's best up-and-coming R&B artists, Bre (Of Smo Money Entertainment) and Nancia.

A.S.N. has shown his capability for making great music, linking with some of his genre's finest and gaining a worldwide audience without the backing of a major record label. Just imagine what he could do with one.