Sunday, November 30, 2008

Artist Spotlight: UllNevaNo & Knowledge (The Equation)

"The Equation" is a duo consisting of an MC named UllNevaNo (in the hat) & producer named Da God Knowledge. Both artists reside from Baltimore, Maryland, although UllNevaNo is originally from California. UllNevaNo built up a strong buzz in the underground scene with his lyrical rhymes and battling ability. Knowledge has worked as in-house producer for Fast Way Records and has produced for Tislam the Great, 5 Stars, N.E.S. Gang and a lot of other local artists. As the story goes he was at a local vinyl store, when he met UllNevaNo, and from there they formed the group, "The Equation." Below is the group's debut release, Y=MC + P. The album over a year in the making, is a mixture of lyricism & sample-inspired beats. This is definitely an album you should check out. Also be on the lookout for more music from "The Equation" in the near future.

The Equation - Y=MC + P