Tuesday, November 4, 2008

[Audio] Skyzoo - Good Morning America

"At #22, this is "Good Morning America-2006" featruing Poca, produced by Hasan Insane. This is a joint I did for my homegirl Poca's mixtape back in '06. Poca is one of my favorite female artists coming up right now. Her flow is real unorthadox; I call her the female Freeway. She puts alotta passion into what she writes and is real big on grind music, which is right up my alley. She's finishing up her new tape now so look for that real soon. As far as the track, the beat spoke to me, hands down. I heard the sample off top and fell in love with it. I remembered the Balck Star song "Respiration" (one of the greatest hip hop songs EVER! Quote that) where Mos said "the new moon rode high in the cloud of the metropolis,..." and I kinda saw that line coming true when I heard the beat, so I decided to start the song off with that. My man Hasan Insane did the beat, and he bodied with this one. So here it is, "Good Morning America-2006" featuring Poca, produced by Hasan Insane. Holla. P.S: By the time the next archive is released we'll have a new president. PLEEEEAAASSSEEE go out on November 4th and VOTE! This is the most crucial election to date. Vote for whomever you feel best represents you and what you need/want (hopefully you're voting for Barack Obama). I cant tell you who to go vote for, but if govenor S_r_h Pa_in gets to become president due to John McCain leaving this earth before his term ends (God forbid), we're DONE. If that happens im moving to Toronto. Bet that. 100" - Skyzoo

Skyzoo ft. Poca - Good Morning America