Monday, October 6, 2008

[Audio] Skyzoo - Art of Storytelling Pt. 5 + Superstar

Skyzoo continues to drop unreleased tracks for his Archive series. This time he drops two freestyles on us, the first one, Art of Storytelling Pt. 5, uses the Outkast beat with the same name. The second joint features Skyzoo going in over Lupe Fiasco's "Superstar."

"So we're up to #10 in the series, and as I said before, sometimes i'm gonna drop 2 for 1 specials (hint: look for the 2 for 1's by every five releases; #5, #10, #15, etc). This one is two freestyles I did in 2007-The Art Of Storytelling Pt 5 (because Outkast's was pt 4) and Superstar. With TAOS, I always loved what Outkast did with that series, and when they brought it back for the Drama album, it was nuts. I heard the beat and immedietly wanted to do my own version of it. Before you listen to it and not understand it, when I speak of the Neuman, thats the name of a microphone. It's one of the better studio mics and it's what I use in my studio (Nycetrax Studios, what up!). So now you'll understand the song better. With Superstar, I loved the original when Lu' dropped it, and again, I wanted to give my take on it. Sometimes people get this game confused and believe everything they think they see, and as a result, things happen, be it good or bad. Eveyrtime I rap, its about things that REALLY happen in one way or another, including this one. So here they are on the 2 for 1 special, The Art Of Storytelling Pt 5 & Superstar-2007. Ya'll check these out while I go write some more stories for this album. "The Salvation", coming soon. Holla"
Skyzoo - Art of Storytelling Pt. 5
Skyzoo - Superstar