Friday, October 31, 2008

[Audio] Skyzoo - Play Your Position (ft. Guily Simpson)

"So at #21, this is "Play Your Position" f/Guilty Simpson, produced by Black Milk. This is from my 2007 mixtape "Corner Store Classic". This one is real gritty, and at the same time real lyric heavy. I always respected and was a fan of Guilty's pen game, and we had been talking about collabing on a joint for awhile, so I came up with this. Black Milk did the beat (top 10 producers dead or alive, quote that), and as soon as I heard it, I knew it had to be a hard gutter joint, hands down. Guilty and i just went in with the bars and kept the rhymes in sync with the feel of the beat. This was one of my faves off the tape. Here it is, "Play Your Position" f/Guilty Simpson, produced by Black Milk. Holla. PS: Pick up that "Tronic" joint from Black Milk, and get ready for "The Power Of Words" and "The Salvation", both right around the corner... P.S.S: By the time the next archive is released we'll have a new president. PLEEEEAAASSSEEE go out on November 4th and VOTE! This is the most crucial election to date. Vote for whomever you feel best represents you and what you need/want (hopefully you're voting for Barack Obama). I cant tell you who to go vote for, but if govenor S_r_h Pa_in gets to become president due to John McCain leaving this earth before his term ends (God forbid), we're DONE. If that happens im moving to Toronto. Bet that. 100" - Skyzoo