Tuesday, October 7, 2008

[Mixtape] Grafh - The Oracle Pt. 2

The highly anticipated follow-up mixtape is finally here...
Grafh & DJ Green Lantern hook up for a bangin tape...
BlackHand is the gang...

  1. Same Intro
  2. Not Like Me
  3. Give It Up
  4. Blackhand Gang
  5. Climb Up
  6. Soul Of A Renegade (ft. Papoose)
  7. Resevoir Dogs Freestyle
  8. Under The Table
  9. Cha Ching
  10. All The Way Live
  11. Like Ohhh Remix (ft. Jim Jones, Bun B, Jadakiss & Prinz)
  12. Chew Em Up (ft. Crooked I)
  13. Bring The Goons Out
  14. New York Minute
  15. Get It How You Live (ft. Sandman)
  16. We Out Here (ft. Young Chris)
  17. Celebrate (ft. Jew Dew)