Tuesday, February 24, 2009

[Audio] K. Sparks - Tattoo

"This is week 26 of Manic Mondays which means we have reached the 6 month mark...6 more months to go...I will continue to provide you guys with quality original music weekly...Below are two links...one is to download the song...and the other is for a video blog I did to go along with the song explaining the concept...If you guys haven't noticed by now there is a method to my madness...I try to provide balance within my music...one week I'll throw out something commercial and the next week I try to provide some substance...balance...this song is entitled Tattoo which is a metaphor for race...racial profiling, injustice, material wealth, self hatred, and violence are just a few problems that often are influenced by ones race...the song is deep and addresses a lot of issues that we all face in society...shout out to T-Mos on the production...much respect to EVERY website that supports my movement...ya'll know my motto...Saving Hip Hop One Wack Rapper at a Time"

K. Sparks - Tattoo