Saturday, January 31, 2009

[Video] 50 Cent Threatens Rick Ross

“Hey what’s up? Alright, y’all caught me. I was practicing for my new rock-n-roll album.”

50 Cent takes a break from recording his "rock album" to discuss his new beef with Rick Ross. 50 states that he is gonna fuck Officer Ricky's life up for fun, and says that he has already purchased the court transcripts from Ricky's past life. He also takes a shot at DJ Khaled calling him a "faggot." Being that 50 is one of the most entertaining characters in hip-hop, when situations like this arrive he is more then willing to get it on and take it to wax. He has taken part of three of the most entertaining rap beefs in history in recent years, and most certainely bows down to nobody. I look forward to hearing more disses from 50, since I could careless for Ross and his bullshit music.