Thursday, January 15, 2009

[News] Black Rob Interview with XXL

I don't know about y'all but I was a big fan of Black Rob back in the day. I remember buying his last album, The Black Rob Report, and later hearing on Hot97 that he had been sentenced to 2-6 years in prison due to a grand larceny charge from 2004. Honestly it made no sense to me, this was a man that was signed to the hottest hip-hop label, Bad Boy Records, and had just released a well-received album. Anyway, this was several years ago and a lot has changed in the game since then. With his prison release on the horizon XXL mag decided to catch up with Black Rob and discuss his past & future plans.

XXL: How much longer do you have?

BR: Right now I’m looking at like 90 Days before I touch the streets. And I’ve got some mean shit that I’ve been writing. I make an album like every 5 years, but it’s alright because when I make it it’s for the gusto. I got about three albums, I might come home and do a double album. Everything is up to par right now, I’m focused, drug-free, my body is up, I’m looking good. But it’s really no support. Nobody has support for me except my lawyer, my wife and a couple of other friends of mines.

XXL: Are you still on Bad Boy?

BR: Man I have no idea. I haven’t heard from these dudes, they might’ve took me off the Bad Boy website or whatever but I haven’t heard from anyone telling me what the deal is. So until I get a piece of paper saying that I’m no longer a Bad Boy artist, I’m still reppin’ that flag. I’m a team player man. We talking about the streets and how we do in the streets, if I got a problem with you fam I’ma come to you and tell you I got a problem with you. I’m not gonna go to the [media], I’m not gonna go to Summer Jam and bug out, I’ma handle it on a street level. “Ayo Puff let me holla at you.” I’m not gonna do the other thing. I’m on Bad Boy. I can be number two, I’m not trying to be the king; at the end of the day the king gets the throne.

XXL: What’s the plan when you get out?

BR: Alright. Me personally, from the horses mouth, this is the last run for me. I have to stay focused and I’m gonna. Now when I couple my experiences of being in the game and its pitfalls, I don’t wanna come back to prison, it’s a wrap. I got the right people behind me, the people who got love for Rob Ross, fuck Black Rob the artist, I got love for Rob Ross. They gonna push me to my full potential and put the machine behind me, something that the labels don’t do. I just need to get home and see what’s really goin on at Bad Boy. There are a lot of labels that I know is gonna grab me.-Rob Markman

I know I will be picking up a new Black Rob album, if there ever is one. "Whoa" was my joint. For the rest of this interview click here.