Saturday, December 13, 2008

Charles Hamilton vs. Soulja Boy

So it looks like there's some tensions growing between Hamilton and Soulja Boy. The two first exchanged some words via video, and now Hamilton has released two tracks aimed at Soulja Boy. Personally, I'm not going to label this beef because Hamilton has already denounced any beef with Soulja Boy on his blog and for there to be beef, Soulja Boy would have to respond and we all know he's not gonna make a diss track at Hamilton. As we all know beef tends to be faked these days in order to increase album sales and gain attention for an upcoming project. In this case both artists either dropped or are dropping an album this month, so this could be true. Anyway, check out Soulja Boy's original video response that started this fuckery, followed up by Hamilton's response video and diss tracks, and decided for yourself. Also for an explanation from Charles Hamilton check out his blog here.

Charles Hamilton - Dummy

Charles Hamilton - Word? Aight!

Charles Hamilton's makes comments towards Soulja Boy during interview with ThisIs50.

Soulja Boy responds to several comments made by Charles Hamilton during an interview on ThisIs50 & Shade45.