Monday, December 8, 2008

[Audio] Lil' Wayne Features...

"Call me by my new name...Featuring Lil' Wayne"

Here goes a post dedicated to one of the hardest working MC's in the game, Lil' Wayne. Whether you consider him overrated, underrated, good or bad, his catalog of music speaks for itself. He is one of the most sought after features in the hip-hop game today and his popularity will only continue to grow. Personally, I'm a fan of his raping but his increased use of auto-tune lately has been bothering me. Anyway, here goes a couple of his latest features, all tracks are un-tagged.

Jadakiss ft. Lil' Wayne - Death Wish

Keyshia Cole & Lil' Wayne - I Love You

Cassidy ft. Lil' Wayne - Get More Money

Fall Out Boy ft. Lil' Wayne - Tiffany Blews

Nu Jerzey Devil ft. Lil' Wayne - Different Girls

Jamie Foxx ft. Lil' Wayne - Number One (Get Dumb)

Jim Jones ft. Lil' Wayne, NOE & Twista- Swagger From Us

Shawty Lo ft. Trey Songz & Lil' Wayne - The Supplier (What They Need)